Special Days

Good morning everyone!

Did you know that it was Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday? You might not have known, simply because no one might have told you that it was! But it’s alright, because we are going to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival together as a society this Saturday at Teviot Row House! You can relive the day again, and pretend that Saturday is the actual day of the festival.

You might want to also know:

Mothers’ Day will be celebrated in the UK on the 30th of March 2014 next year (fourth Sunday in Lent), but that’s not that date that we’re familiar with, because we always know its somewhere in May! And that is true, because in Singapore we celebrate it only on the 2nd Sunday of May (11th May 2014), together with most of the world!

Fathers’ Day, on the other hand, is celebrated on the same day in UK as it is in Singapore, 15th June 2014.

So that’s all for ‘special days’ news, will be back with more news soon!

P.S.: If you miss listening to funny people with a Singaporean accent, do download the ‘MeRadio’ app and listen to Singapore Radio! Try 98.7FM, it makes me laugh to myself in the library. (Do not try to study while listening though.)


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