Who Are We?

The Edinburgh University Singapore Students’ Society (EUSSS or known informally as Singsoc) was formed as a platform for interaction between Singaporeans in Edinburgh and to oversee the general welfare of Singaporean students. It is affiliated to the United Kingdom Singapore Students’ Council (UKSSC). Please visit the UKSSC website for more information on them.

What Can We Do For You?

If you’re Singaporean…

Before Departure
We meet you at the British Council’s Pre-Departure event and again at the society’s Pre-Departure meeting in Singapore. We will also organise informal social events and assign you a mentor to help you with any questions you may have.

Before Term and during Freshers Week
We organise orientation trips to show you where to get the stuff you need, and introduce you to other fun places in the city.

During the Academic Year
We plan social events like the Chinese New Year Gathering and Highlands Trip. Our biggest event is the Singapore Food Festival, held during the academic year, where we prepare Singaporean dishes for the people of Edinburgh. We also liaise with Contact SG and the Overseas Singapore Unit (OSU) to provide career opportunities in Singapore.

If you’re not Singaporean…

We may not have much to remind you of your own home, but all trips and activities are still open! Whether you enjoy Singaporean food/slang/culture or know nothing about it, we can guarantee lots of yummy food and fun times.

Membership Privileges

Singsoc membership privileges for academic year 2012/2013 have yet to be confirmed, but will include discounts at participating restaurants/stores.

How You Can Join

To join our Facebook group, email us  at edinburghuni.singsoc@gmail.com FIRST and tell us about yourself so that we can consolidate our members’ info better.


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